An Authentic American Cowboy Site
Welcome Home…..

The Cowboy Rides has begun a journey to bring you the music, art, and goods of the American west
and cowboy life. Whether you're living the tough life of a working cowboy or toughing it out as a desk
jockey, it just doesn't get any better than returning to the warmth of the homestead, surrounded by
the simple beauty and sounds of the western way of life.

This way of life in most people's minds has always been romanticized and glosses over the hard work,
the few days off, the sheer magnitude of the responsibility that goes with working a ranch of
thousands of acres or just a few. With this responsibility and determination, "the cowboy way" has
always brought to mind the values that made America the greatest country: honesty, loyalty, the
courage to stand up for what is right, and standing by your neighbor in times of trouble.

To celebrate this way of life and living, you will find inside our site the music and artwork of leading
artists of the Western Music Association, cowboy accessories of hand-tooled leather, knives, and
one-of-a-kind items you just won't find anywhere else. And, since it took both men and women
together to explore and build the west, we have just the right pieces to show that strength and
toughness can still be soft and feminine.

So, sit back and browse our western mercantile, choose your favorites, then come ride with us! Make
your journey worth it…..