The Cowboy
Rope It In and Let It Ride

There is a deep and abiding hunger in this land of ours...a hunger for
things that are rugged and rough- hewn, things that are made to last a
lifetime or two and remind us of times gone by. We here at firmly believe there is a movement in this
country to take things back into our own hands, to have quality
one-of-kind American-made items decorating our lives and homes,
providing the soundtrack to our days and nights, items that not only
combine function and beauty, but actually get better with use and age.

While has been getting literally thousands of hits
a day from countries as far away as Russia and Japan and as close as
Canada, we realize it is through a curiosity of people searching for
something that will bring a completeness or wholeness, if you will, to
their lives that brings them to our site. We have received comments
such as "Thank you for keeping the cowboys alive" (Pat from Canada)
that let us know we are not the only ones longing for a simpler yet
more difficult way of life.

In the not-too-distant future we will be bringing you videos of our
craftsmen and artists revealing what drives them to do what they do. It
is our hope and goal to bring the cowboy home to you, dusty and worn,
yet full of the wonder and awe of experiencing life at its fullest and
most compelling. While a cowboy is never really home in a
brick-and-mortar shelter, preferring nature over man-made structures,
he is grateful for the warmth and comfort of the homestead. Isn't this
really what we all want out of life?

While the days may be difficult and the nights full of concern, be
content in the knowledge that you gave it your best. After all, that's all
you can hope for in this life. So rope it in, and let it ride....tomorrow's
another day.
An Authentic American Cowboy Site