The Cowboy
A Promise Kept
April 12, 2009

Royal Wade Kimes made a promise to himself,
his peers, and the public to bring the cowboy
way of life and values back to the forefront of country- western music.
With the introduction of, he has kept that
promise. For those unfamiliar with this lifestyle and all it encompasses, will introduce you to the sounds and
accompaniments of the western routine of daily life.

We hope to bring this style of music back into the mainstream of
America’s hearts and minds. Songs that tell the tales of real cowboys
and cowgirls, living and loving on the range, evoking a way of life that
has gone unnoticed in today’s fragmented society.

To complete Kimes’ pledge of exposing "the cowboy way" to those who
have never lived it, we are offering an array of custom-made and
handcrafted items created by working cowboys and cowgirls. These
items represent the patience, hard work, and rugged beauty of the
American West and will further enhance your appreciation of the
western life.

Royal Wade Kimes has joined with long-time friend and associate
Teresa Conklin to provide a place where you can immerse yourself in
the lifestyle that promotes the ideals and values that this country was
founded on.

A vision realized.