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Myra Pearce
The Connie Smith of the West. When she opens her mouth, it's like a
chorus of bluebirds beginning to sing. It should, blue birds and Myra
have a close relationship. Anyone who is best friends with the bluebird
can only be in perfect harmony with the Creator. That said, Myra is
also a bit of a rebel. She stands for God and Country, and takes little
from anyone. In the Music World she is considered the Western Connie
Smith and Belle Starr wrapped up in one. Now about her music.....

Her vocals on the CD, Ghost Of Yellowstone, are the next thing to
perfection, and how refreshing to hear a new artist with individuality.
No one out there in Country and Western sounds like her. She has her
on style and approach to the songs she sings. “I’ve Got Montana” is so
well done, there will be few who will try to beat it. Myra performed
the song live for over a half a million people on XM Radio, and the
reaction was awesome. A star was being born in the western field. The
Title Track, “Ghost Of Yellowstone” is another stand out in that it has
an eerie up-tempo feel, which by the way, is not a small thing to

Cut after cut of this CD is AAA stuff. Many artists today cut B-material
at best; not Myra Pearce. She is an all-Montana cowgirl, singing
all-American Western-style songs. She is America, she is a cowgirl. If
you only buy one female's CD this year, buy this one; you will wear it

Mike Noble, Producer/Nashville, states:
“I’ve played and produced many, many sessions, and Myra Pearce has
to be one of the best. She came prepared to cut a fine record, and
went well beyond that. The girl can sing.”