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The break-out hit has been “Desperate Men”, which recently hit the #1
spot on the country gospel circuit. It’s hard to believe Kimes wrote
this song several years ago, considering how timely the words are
today. With so many people suffering hard times, this song cuts to the
heart of the matter and leads you down the right path. “Paint Me a
Mountain” is an upbeat song about a friend facing his own mortality,
not with fear or sadness, but with hope and acceptance. “Heavenly
Eyes” is pure, old-time country gold - I can picture Grandma rocking in
her chair, knitting something warm and comfortable, listening to the
radio in the corner, softly singing along to the heartfelt words. Kimes’
story-telling is magical and full of imagery.

There is something for everyone on Kimes’ latest cd. The words can be
poignant, touching, full of faith and hopefulness and, since they are
paired with the right music, flow effortlessly from one song to the
next. “White Light” will earn a place in many folks’ hearts, cowboy or
not. Give a listen to Royal Wade Kimes' "White Light"; it will be a
joyful experience!

Royal Wade Kimes, while perhaps best
known for his western music, has finally
entered into the country gospel arena
with a cd full of songs for the times. From
the smoky intro to “Ole J.C.” to the
bluesy tunes of “In My Time of Dyin’” and
everything in between, his “White Light”
album has become a favorite of those
who have heard it and one I keep in my
truck’s cd player, listening to over and
over again.