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Larry Crowley
Larry Crowley has been referred to as "The Gunslinger" when he walks
out on stage with his guitar. He has ridden trail with Royal Wade Kimes
(the nationís number one country and western singer) for going on ten
years. Royal Wade has said many times that he feels comfortable
knowing "The Gunslinger" has his back.

Though Larry has worked cattle and played some tough honky tonks,
his record "BANG!" is not exactly country and western, although the
title lends itself to the western gunslinger. This record is Rock with a
message, with feel, and very tasteful. If you like to change it up a bit
in the cd player, drop "The Gunslinger" in the saddle. Ride along with
him awhile and youíll understand what we mean by "gunslinger with a
guitar". This cd gives you, the listener, an eye opener into the wide
range of ability Larry "The Gunslinger" Crowley possesses. Have you
heard Royal Wade Kimes do "Mile High Honey" about a cowboy hanging
the bull riding up for a woman, or "No Use", a song about an old
cowboy who was told by his girl he was of "no use" to her, or even the
"Lonesome Drifter", a whistle song that has become famous both in the
cowboy world in the states, but abroad as well? If you have heard
those songs done by Royal Wade Kimes, then it might surprise you to
know, Larry Crowley co-wrote those tunes with Royal Wade.

So never fence yourself off, ride the whole range when it comes to
music. Enjoy the Gunslingerís foray into Rock, as written and sung by a