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The Cowboy
Royal Wade Kimes, a Chester, Arkansas native, brought his 1st Mt Royal Trail
Ride and concert back home to his roots in October 2006, and the tradition
continues today. A country and western entertainer, traditional cowboy,
songwriter, artist, and author stirred up this small community!

Riders from states as far as Colorado and VirginIA have ridden the winding
trail up the Ozark Mountain on old wagon roads and mountain trails. At the top
of the mountain, a scenic view graced the riders looking over 100 miles into

At the mountain camp site, riders care for their horses and set up their camps
as the authentic chuck wagon prepares the 'viddles' for the evening, consisting
of steak, potatoes, and beans cooked the cowboy way. Dessert is cobbler done
over the coals if you've never tasted it you're missing something! Royal
Wade Kimes brings the cowboy campfire to life with his traditional western
music which is enjoyed by all.

The next morning, breakfast is prepared and cowboy coffee gets everyone
started and ready to ride. The trip down the mountain is only the preface to
what is to follow a full-blown, riveting concert performed by Royal Wade
Kimes and his Packin' Iron posse from Nashville, Tennessee.

The concert is a benefit for the local Back Pack for Kids program. This local
community opens their doors and hearts for their hometown celebrity and a
great cause, and we all get to go along for the ride. DON'T MISS THIS YEAR'S
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