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Jason Buck Corbett
Jason Buck CorbettÖ. heavy on the Buck.

..... Buck Corbett and his music belongs to all Americans; how sad it
would be for anyone not to have this captured piece of authentic
western music.

I truly love this record, itís infectious; the more you listen, the more
you have to have. Iím not one to put my brand on anything I donít
think makes the cut. "Just Haviní Fun" is for real and in my way of
thinking, was meant to be. Come ride the trail with Buck Corbett and
the rest of the wild west bunch, weíre all "Just Haviní Fun."

Royal Wade Kimes

Some men wander through life trying to figure out what it is they are
truly put on this earth for. Some find their true talents and apply them,
others for some reason never do. Jason Buck Corbett was born to sing
the WEST. He has been singing for years, but just now this vintage
wine has been discovered in the cellar and is now being opened for
everyone to enjoy. His ability to sing hard to sing cover songs is rare,
but for Buck it comes easy. His talent comes from his father, a fact
that Buck himself discovered late in life. His father entered a talent
contest for a radio show when he was a young man and won the
contest. Winning radio singing contest is not an easy feat for anyone.
That said, Buck Corbett now carries this family talent to the level it
should be, to the level that gets it to the people for their listening

Jason Buck Corbett is a cowboy singing cowboy music. A fresh sound
making old songs new again.