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Eminent Domain and
Old Man Smith

Now in it's second printing, Kime's latest book, "Eminent Domain and
Old Man Smith" is now available for online order. Read a roller coaster
ride novel and find out how "Old Man Smith", a WWII veteran, handles
the mob, the government, and his town when they all decide they
want what he has.
Nathan Bedford Forrest

A date with the devil was what it was called if you were sent
out to catch this clever colorful General of the South. He was
the only General that had not attended West Point, and was
considered by most as the best General of the bunch. He was
the first American to fight with guerilla war tactics. His eye
will follow you all over the room -- you cannot get away from
this guy.

Size: 14"x17"
Old Man Smith

The Outdoor Channel premiered a Royal Wade Kimes special
where the original of
Old Man Smith was shown for the first
time. Royal Wade was asked to make the drawing available to
the folks and, after giving that some thought, he decided to
do just that. "Old Man Smith is part of America, the America I
grew up knowing. I tried to bring that part of America back in
the novel
'Eminent Domain And Old Man Smith'. I think there is
a little of him in all of us. The novel, and maybe his picture,
will cause us to search for him again inside ourselves. This
country depends on it."